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TED Talk/Author Anjali Bindra Patel reads Ms. Ruby and The Gigi Squad

"This is such a heartwarming book! It’s so thoughtfully written, and the pictures look amazing."

---- Anjali Patel

Miss Ruby and The Gigi Squad is a meaningful and heartwarming look at the power of intergenerational friendships. The book defies stereotypes of age, ability and capacity and shows how a friendship between Ruby (an elderly adult) and the Gigi Squad (younger children) benefits everyone.

All too often, age segregation has become the norm, but Vickie Rodgers highlights the opportunities to bring generations together to share love, support and encouragement. The book also includes discussion questions and kindness projects for readers who are inspired to take action in their own communities.

Miss Ruby and the Gigi Squad is a beautiful example of how every age group can benefit from widening our horizons of friendship and shows that true humanity knows no age.

- Anjali Bindra Patel, J.D., C.D.E., Author of Humanity at Work and Diversity and Inclusion Strategist

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